President: Hugh W Shoff, MD, FACEP
President-Elect: Beth Spurlin, MD, PhD, MBA
Secretary/Treasurer: Jeffery Baker, MD
Past President: Christopher W Pergrem, MD, FACEP

Board of Directors:
Jacob Avila, MD
David “Wes” Brewer, MD, FACEP
Danielle Marie Graff, MD
Joel Hamm, MD, FACEP
Martin Huecker, MD, FACEP
Andrew Peter Pacitti, DO, MSc, FACEP
Karan Samir Shah, MD
Isaac Shaw, MD
Beth Spurlin, MD, PhD, MBA
Ryan Staton, MD, FACEP

David “Wes” Brewer, MD, FACEP
Christopher Pergrem, MD, FACEP
Melissa Platt, MD, FACEP
Hugh W Shoff, MD, FACEP

Alternate Councillor:
Steve Stack, MD, FACEP

Chapter Committees (Chair):
Education: Isaac Shaw, MD
EMS: Timothy Price, MD, FACEP
Emergency & Disaster Preparedness – Andrew Pacitti, DO
Governmental Affairs: Christopher Pergrem, MD, FACEP
Medical Reimbursement: Karan Samir Shah, MD
Membership: David “Wes” Brewer, MD, FACEP
Pediatric EM: Danielle Marie Graff, MD & Beth Spurlin, MD, PhD, MBA
Public Relations: Ryan Stanton, MD, FACEP
Wellness: Martin Huecker, MD, FACEP
Young Physicians: Jacob Avila, MD & Joel Hamm, MD, FACEP

State Legislative Liaisons: Christopher Pergrem, MD, FACEP and David “Wes” Brewer, MD, FACEP

Executive Director: Ashlee Melendez, RN, MSc