• Kentucky ACEP

    Kentucky ACEP is the state chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians. We support our members through educational and leadership activities and serve as an advocate for public health and the rights of patients to receive quality emergency care.

    Kentucky ACEP was founded in 1972 and actively represents more than 315 emergency physicians, residents and medical students working at hospitals throughout the state. Kentucky ACEP is a diverse and democratic organization that promotes and preserves the integrity and independence of emergency medicine.

    As a member of Kentucky ACEP, you are making sure your voice is heard by state lawmakers. You are also learning about issues that affect you and your patients and you are contributing to the advancement of your specialty.
  • Emergency Medicine Wellness Week: January 24-30, 2016

    Welcome to Emergency Medicine Wellness Week January 24-30, 2016. As emergency physicians, we care a lot about our patients. That's why we chose this specialty. But all too often we are so busy caring for others, we forget to care about ourselves. Created by ACEP, the 2016 Emergency Medicine Wellness WeekTM will remind all emergency physicians and their colleagues to take the time to self-renew while, at the same time, work the long and at times very difficult hours we do. Make it about action rather than just ideas. Become more healthy, less burned out, and more resilient this year. Sign up for daily e-mail messages to keep you motivated and inspired during EM Wellness Week. Download a pledge card with well-being improvement ideas and let it remind you of your focus. Send a 30-second video about your EM Wellness Week participation, engage with others at the AkosMed blog, where you can find even more articles. Come back at the end of the week and tell us about your success to prompt others to participate. Click here to see more on the Wellness Program.   

  • Join Kentucky ACEP

    Membership in Kentucky ACEP is your connection to your local emergency medicine network and provides the opportunity to connect with emergency physicians throughout the state.

    Kentucky ACEP works for the highest principles of the specialty to benefit both its physicians and the patients they serve. In addition, Kentucky ACEP advocates for legislation that will positively impact emergency medicine, and also provides news and information, leadership opportunities and policies addressing local issues.

    Learn more about Kentucky ACEP.
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